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    RADS sunglasses have become more than an accessory to protect from harmful UV rays. Being a renowned brand for the most stylish form of goggles, our wooden, metal and acetate sunglasses are nothing less than a fashionable piece of art. Our exclusive range of beautiful sunglasses and aviators are broadly used for accessorizing and protecting the eyes.

    Each unit is expertly designed to be style quotient and purposeful with respect to the taste and preferences of consumers. Since our sunglasses and aviators are manufactured with superior material, as a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with the look, quality and feel. Today, RADS WEAR has become one top solution for a stunning range of UV protected sunglasses that also covers- Wooden Sunglasses Polarized, Aviator Acetate Sunglasses, UV protected sunglasses, polarized red lens sunglasses, etc. Men’s and women’s can explore plenty more in intriguing design. The key features of our polarized sunglasses are:

    • UV 400 protection
    • Ergonomic Molded Frames
    • Spring Loaded Hinges
    • Shatters and Scratch Resistant

    At RADS, the organization is backed by a high brain of the fashion industry that is constantly bringing you more varieties to meet the trend of new generations. The vibrant and stylish aura of RADS Sunglasses USA makes them suitable to wear any time and elegantly blends with every outfit. See them all!