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    Before we introduce you to what our brand is, first off lets introduce the meaning of R-A-D-S. Each letter in RADS represents the Jhangimal family:





    Elegantly Crafted One Of the Kind Wooden, metal and acetate Sunglasses USA.

    RADS are among handful brands that are proud to deliver ‘The Exceptional Eyewear Experience’ with a blend of style and ergonomic design. Each of the wooden, metal and acetate sunglasses are grown in nature and manufactured in USA.

    Being crafted from the most durable materials, we make sure mens and womens get different styles of sunglasses which can be both purpose-filled and style quotient at the same time. That’s why our exclusive range of polarized wooden sunglasses and polarized aviators sunglasses are remarked as ‘Trendsetter.’

    How RADS design Polarized Lenses wooden sunglasses?

    Sunglasses are essential for day trips, beach trips, outings, and the majority of men & women also use our wooden sunglasses, metal and acetate aviator for fashionable purposes. We wanted our frame to be eco-friendly, unique and last longer.

    Hence, by undertaking an extensive quality control measure, we fervently embarked on our mission to engineer best-in-class wooden aviator, metal and acetate sunglasses; which in the present era are unique work of art. The superior quality and eye-striking design of our wooden sunglasses (especially polarized red lens sunglasses) speaks for itself; allowing you to have an eyewear that is stylish, durable and longevity. Some of the stylish shades available at RADSWEAR are: Classic wayfarer, Gambler, Metal MG, F1 Aviators ,Havana Reds ,The Blues, RADS Wildcats, etc.

    That’s why RADS is pretty much renowned as a trusted brand for the most durable polarized aviator sunglasses USA. Even celebrities speak the tale of our fabulous sunglasses. The unique facet of our wooden sunglasses USA is:

    • Each pair of wooden, metal and acetate eyeglasses is manufactured from sustainable material for optimal durability and sturdiness.
    • The frame structural design is an amalgamation of modern trend which youngsters usually look for.
    • We even focused on eye-protection. Our entire range of sunglasses is fitted with Premium UV400 polarized lenses.

    RADS are powered by passion and thrive in keeping with a brand new line of wooden sunglasses. See the all…!!