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    Have you ever wondered when the same attire is not done for every occasion, why has the same pair of sunglasses?

    Very few sunglasses being great multi- takers, the growing urge to stand tall in a crowd with swanky pair of sunglasses is irresistible.

    At RADSWEAR there is a gamut of variety.

    * Mix - n -Match .Go funky with colors and unconventional shapes.

    * Go Seasonal- Each season casts a particular trend in colors and designs .At RADSWEAR you could explore your creative best.

    *Shapes and Sizes does Matter-The world is thankful for varied geometrical shapes. Be it round ,square ,hexagon ,rectangular oval ...there are a plethora of shapes in sunglasses to choose from at RADSWEAR .

    *An Edge above the rest collection-Besides an ability to add structure to orbicular heads, these overtly angular shades are far from the standard. These offer an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd Our experts guide you with your most suited pick.

    *Colors are ALL-A range of colors to suit your skin complexion, hour of the day, high -light your funky mood  ...These allow your face to be the star.

    * UV400 all has an edgy appearance. A distinct style of panache.

    *RADS Metal MAC-A thin metal bar accentuates frames, which will end up being a very statement worthy piece of accessory.

    * RADS polarized collection- Provides additional glare cutting and distraction free vision when worn on or around water, snow, high ways and other highly reflective environments.

    *RADS Classic Way farer collection is impeccably finished with elegance. A complete style statement with understated architectural details.

    *RADS Gambler feature an exclusive colored gloss finish that adds to the allure.

    Become a RADSWEAR fashionista .Owe a RADSWEAR pair of sunglasses and have an attitude your very own.